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Policy analysis

MCS delivers a holistic approach when producing analysis on any development policy. Our policy analysis is rooted in the broader development context and also looks at wider social and business opportunities. It is non-partisan and is driven by robust research and analytical tools from social inclusion and equitable development perspectives.


We understand that equitable and inclusive development typically means more inter-disciplinary approaches and they are inevitably complex. As a result development policies cannot be drafted in isolation and they require sectoral interfaces (e.g. ICTs and education) and wider community participation to work.


For example, equitable and affordable access to communications for all requires coordination with other infrastructures such as road and electricity; the deployment and management of appropriate technologies; promoting local content to ensure local relevance; building capacities and providing training for users and trainers; and working closely with other sectors such as agriculture, health and the environment to ensure it is useful and relevant. A dispassionate policy analysis can open new grounds of trust and identify appropriate partnerships.