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Our work

Who we work with


MCS works with governments, international agencies, NGOs and private institutions. We work closely with field level practitioners, regional / national level policy experts and local research institutions as a part of our commitment to ensure that our work is locally relevant and sustainable and to building mutual capacities.


Where we work

We are based in the UK and work primarily in Europe, Asia and Africa.



Some of the projects we have worked on include:

  • eTransform Africa education sector and trade sector studies. These studies are part of a cross-sector programme of studies commissioned by the African Development Bank and the World Bank Group,with the support of the African Union, which look at how ICTs, especially mobile phones, have the potential to change fundamental business models in key sectors for Africa.
  • Mobiles for Health initiative in Bangladesh: Providing strategic support to successfully implement the Mobile for MDGs initiative including the Mobile for Health initiative lead by D.Net with support from USAID.

  • Strategic support to D.Net: Supporting D.Net in Bangladesh in the development of a communication and media strategy, their five year plan and the implementation of the Access to Information initiative supported by the Prime Minister’s Office.

  • Communications and citizenship paper: Developing a position paper on effect of communication on citizenship for Panos London

  • Major IT and change programme of a large UK government department: Managed the training workstream for this programme.

  • Pro-poor ICT Access Resource kit: Managed the development of this resource kit for APC which brings together emerging experiences and lessons in the provision of pro-poor ICT access

  • Equitable Access Series: Managed the development of papers and commentaries on the issue of equitable access to ICT infrastructure for the APC

  • Enabling environment for PPPs in e-Government in Mongolia: Developed a training programme for government officials and communications plan to strengthen advocacy for PPPs to key stakeholders